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       The business wished to have feedback from its customers, both for corporate and individual clients. Until then, surveys were completed on paper, sent by postal mail or mail that the client had to return once completed. The returns were insufficient, but what was more inconvenient was on one hand the necessary re-transcription/digitization of the feedback to get a global vision of the results, and on the other hand the time that it took to manage the follow-up of dissatisfied clients (without forgetting the lack of reactivity which was the consequence of this management time). The central issue was to determine the ideal method to automate and simplify the process and the time when these surveys should be sent: there was no point in surveying clients for a service not performed, it was necessary that a claim had actually happened, and for it to be managed by the company.

          Incidentally, this was an opportunity for the broker to request through the satisfaction survey to populate its database and to update the contact data of its customers BY its customers.


Actions taken by Seerus

      We analysed the customer journey of the clients and the data held by the company as well as the different claims covered and we made contact with the CRM used by the broker in order to create an automated communication channel between the CRM and Seerus, which allowed:


Today, as soon as a claim is closed in the broker’s CRM, a personalized and contextualized survey is sent to the customer that received the service. Returns on an ongoing basis ensure an exchange with the customer, give a clear overview on the strengths and weaknesses of the business, data is updated, and the company is reactive without having to involve a lot of manpower.





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